We provide solutions to other services that you may need. Every project is unique and requires a bespoke scaffolding solution, and to complete that project we provide many other services that will assist your project to run smoothly, securely and safely.


Metal type temporary fencing can be used to create a barrier between a working area and the members of the public, fixed into weighted concrete blocks and joined together with clips. Plastic Construction Barriers, are reflective barriers compliant with BS 7818 Specification for pedestrian restraint systems (Chapter 8 Streetworks). Both types can form compounds to segregate working area from the public.

Debris Netting

Debris Netting is a knitted polyethylene fibre which creates an open mesh netting. Primarily used on scaffolding systems to keep any rubbish or debris contained on a building site, it improves site safety by reducing the risk of objects falling outside the working area. Fire Retardant Netting is also available.

Scaffold Sheeting

Strong woven fabric fixed to scaffold to help eliminate amount of wind and debris, helps to ensure works can continue in all types of weather and stop debris from falling onto highways and public. Can also be used as a form of advertising, Company Logo’s details etc are printed onto the sheeting, providing bill board type advertisement.

Scaffold Alarms

To eliminate potential thefts or vandalism whilst buildings are undergoing renovation or repair, we can offer a low cost scaffold alarm. We can offer competitive rates and an efficient service The scaffolding alarms are used day and night 24/7 for residential properties to multi storey office blocks. We use alarms that are designed specifically for outdoor intruder alarm detection with minimal risk of false activations. From basic hard wired alarms to Monitored battery powered alarms, we are happy to provide competitive quotations.


TL Safety (Systems) are able to provide a complete package which helps reduce costs and time by supplying construction hoists for whatever requirements your project may have. TL Safety (Systems) has a longstanding relationship with an external hoist company, & we work together to ensure access requirements are met for your project. We will always advise a site visit with our counterparts at RPH, to assess that the most suitable hoist and powered access can be provided for your project.