We offer comprehensive scaffolding services for the public, local authorities and commercial contractors incorporating design, erection and dismantling.

Our service comes in three key stages ideal for homeowners, businesses and local authorities;


Planning and design

We start with a full survey from our surveying & planning team to evaluate any potential safety risks and gain a full briefing on your build and requirements. Our experienced team can accommodate almost any requirements from simple working platforms and scaffold towers to propping, shoring, framework and scaffold stages with all the necessary extras like sheeting, temporary roofing, ramps, runways, hoists, fencing and rubbish chutes.


Scaffolding erection

Once a design is agreed our team arranges supply to your site to carry out the erection of the scaffold; we cover all areas, both inside and outside of the M25. We work hard to bring you a reliable, professional and safe service with a good turnaround time and try to be as adaptable as possible with the ever changing demands and needs of our clients.


Dismantling and after sales

When we come to dismantling; just as complex as putting it up, our team put just as much preparation and care into careful dismantling of scaffolds ensuring the safety of workers and public and the structural integrity of the building for load bearing shoring or props.