This was a 3 year project to replace the roofs above 5 Gallery Rooms. The temporary roofs above these Gallery Rooms were some of the most bespoke designs for temporary roofs in London. The supports for the roofs had to be taken from the structural columns of the gallery and supported off steel plinths, the design was one of a kind! We also had the challenge of the moving of materials, which we had to pull up from the courtyard area and manually handle to the areas of work. This was achieved by a team effort and we managed to keep ahead of programme, much to satisfaction of our Client and The National Gallery. We also erected birdcage scaffolds internally for refurbishment to the gallery rooms, this required our teams to deliver materials at night and transport them carefully through the Gallery to the rooms being refurbished, and repeating the process in reverse upon the dismantle. The programme was completed on time and without causing disruption to The National Gallery.